Today is Monday and it is Rainy, so I bagged going to work today! The store is open, but all those ladies that love my DAD, he in the shop today!

I sitting home doing a little freelance work and trying to figure out when to go to the gym.
I have a ton to get caught up on!
On a side note...
I am coming up with store "Commandments" to live by, because I am sick of women without self confidence talking poorly about themselves in my shop. I cannot take it anymore! We all need to realize that we are beautiful exactly the way we our and the most important thing in life is to be healthy and happy!

Here is the start of my list!
1. Your Never to old just to Young
2. Your Smile is your best accessory (BTW it is FREE)
3. Always try things outside your comfort zone, example is color, dresses, hats, etc...
4. If there is only 2 to 3 colors in your closet then your boring and you need to live a little
5. If you own and wear a outfit for more then 3 years get rid of it, someone close to you is bored of it and it is most likely over washed!
6. Do not live in jeans...hint it is not sexy all the time!
7. Dress to impress your clothing is your first impression, even before you speak.
8. If you do not feel good in something then DO NOT wear it, it will show in your confidence.
9. Never say something does not look good on you if you never tried it on!

Ok. Girls let me know if there is any you can think of!

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