Getting in Shape for a Wedding!

I have recently decided that even though I love myself dearly, I do not love myself enough.  I came to this conclusion because I am chubby, I party more then the average joe, I smoke cigarettes outside of bars to gossip with friends.  I AM GUILTY ON MONDAYS BECAUSE I KNOW IT IS BAD FOR ME AND MY BANK ACCOUNT.   How do I correct this pattern?  I want to lose weight, stop smoking and drink 2 to 3 beers at the bar instead of losing my sensibility.

The # 1 reasons this is a issue is:  I AM GOING TO A WEDDING IN PARIS IN THE END OF AUGEST!!!!!
Plus... I owe a store with fantastic clothes!  I work hard and I want to look fantastic in them!

I want to look Fantastic in the dress designer Nicole Rae Styer is making for me to wear!
So I am on a mission to lose 30 pounds in 3 months.  I can do it!
I going to commit to these goals: stop smoking,  stop drinking excessively, late night eating, go to the gym more, walk the dogs more, eat less sugar, and the hardest thing almost no carbs!
Please any suggestions to help!  It is going to be hard.
BTW.... I do not think I care about my weight for my own wedding!  French women are so small!
This is a picture of the old Chrissy!!!!!!!! BYE. BYe. BYE!!

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