Be a Little Sexier Today..

I wonder from time to time if I am a sexy dresser or have a sexy style. I know I can be sexy and so sexy when I wear my new outstanding high heels. Is it enough??? And why does sexy always end with me trying to get out of my painful shoes and stockings. I thought about it all week and this is what I think. On a day to day ... I am not sexy. I need a reason to dress sexy, like a wedding, big party, or girls night out. This is not good. I know that sexy leads to sex. I wonder what my husband finds sexy. I find Edward Cullen sexy but I know my husband will never look or dress like a hot vampire, but I am also no Scarlett Johansson because I am Chrissy Leasher. So I asked myself... what is sexy for the normal everyday women? You know the school teachers, the stay at home moms, the business causal office gals, etc... All professions have the sexy stereo type, but again it is so unrealistic. We all have worn the heels to work and wished we hadn't because the walk to the copier 30 times in 2 hours hurts after the 5th time. Realistically we need to be sexier in a less pain and more comfortable way. So I did some brain storming to help us all be sexier, smarter and happier with are personal style.

Questions and answers to think about... Or food for thought.

1-Do you tend to wear your most comfortable wardrobe pieces?
I know I do.  It depends on what I have to do through out my day but I always think comfort, fashion, weight.   So here is a tip:  I try to make all my outfits Comfortable and fashionable by wearing a dress the is knit.  Ladies there in no dress that is more comfortable, looks great on all body types and is sexy, like a wrap dress.

2-Do you show any of your skin?
Ok.  Skin is sexy but be sure to show your best skin.  Like your legs or your back.  It is not always about your boobs.  I love to show my skin and maybe a little to much, but do not be afraid to step out side your comfort zone here a little more.

3-How much time do you spend on your hair?
Sexy hair is easy.... down and shinny.

4-Do you apply make-up as part of your daily routine?
Make-up is a pain to apply all the time but it is so important.  We are busy and sometimes we for get or do not think it is important but LADIES it is so important.  I am not asking you to spend 30 mins applying make-up, but please a little powder, blush, tonal eye shadow and  natural lipstick takes 5 to 10 mins.  I have it all in a Mary Kay traveling kit and do it when I get to work after my coffee.  Trust is matters.

5-Are you confident in yourself?
If yes then skip this if not then get over the fact that your not perfect.  I am not perfect.  Your ass is not as tiny as you like.  Sexy is confidence.........  That is it.  Be confident and you are sexy.  Also be confident to try bold colors and prints, because jeans and tees are only sexy on models and skinny bitches from levi's ads.  A well balance and dressed Gal wears many different style and feels good doing it.

6-Are you Happy?
This is simple.  If your not happy go to a therapist and figure out what is making to unhappy.  Shopping and cute clothes are a temporary fix and we can all see write through it.  Unhappy is def. not sexy.

7-How often do you wear pants?
Do not wear pants everyday.  Not matter your age, body, height or style there is a dress and skirt out there for you.  Please mix it up!!! LEGS ARE HOT ESP. YOUR CAFVES.

8-How often do you wear dresses?
Not enough there so sexy!

9-The Heels......?
If you cannot wear 3 to 4 inches, which 99% of us cannot simply wear 1 to 2 inches.  You just need a little left to get the chest out and the calves muscles flexing!

Well these are a few of my thoughts.  I love to dress sexy.  I know doing the research for your own style and confidence will lead to a successful change to a sexier life style.  Never think it is not important because your appearance is your first impression.  I know those single ladies know how important it is, but just because your in a relationship, married or older does not mean you have to give up on your self.  Take your youth and your wisdom to be the strong, confident, happy sexy you in a every natural way the suites your life style.

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