Memorial Day Weekend Thoughts

Ladies lets face it we hate Memorial Day weekend because it is a reminder of the weight we did not loose this past winter and the swim suit we still and will put on this summer. But do not feel bad about this.... NO No NO.... do not fell bad. I refuse to feel bad for myself and you should not feel bad either. I love myself no matter what. I am beautiful just the way I am. I am a good person. No matter what I love myself. I deserve to feel Fantastic! Please tell yourself this everyday. Trust life and its process because we only get one shoot at it and you should live in the now and not the before or the after. This definitely is hard to do , but a great dress, that fits great is the way to go and even get one to use as a great swimsuit cover up!!!

Clothes that fit you properly and are the correct style, color, print, etc... will actually make you more confident, which will make you happier inside and out and forget about the diet that did not work because you did not have the time to get to the gym! Please do not become a shopaholic after read this but please remember that your style is important and more important then 10 pounds you did not loose. Remember I am always available for fashion/style consultant. Here a couple pics of some great styles at the shop the complainant many body types.... Stop in this weekend and say hi! Do something spontaneous this weekend and buy something you always wanted to wear but did not have the guts to wear!

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